Yes I Can

Opportunities rarely just come along. We create them. By putting ourselves out of the comfort zone and taking a moment to allow opportunity in … it really does just happen. Faith in our own ability waivers so badly. As women we are born questioning our own selves: can I? Am I? Why me?

I have been told so many times recently I am great at this and that, praise is so hard to accept and not because I am totally humble. Far from it, I am a Leo after all and seek praise and affirmation constantly.

No, praise is hard to accept because I am my own harshest critic. And I have noticed this about all my girl friends and female clients also. I don’t really know when it happens, whether its nature or nurture but it is so hard to believe in yourself and MAKE an opportunity. I do know this though, from my own experience over the last week when I consciously made a decision to seize the day, put myself out of my comfort zone and promote myself, I was rewarded with time and opportunity. I have exciting times ahead, not because it just came along, but because I made space for the ‘luck’/ opportunity to develop.

Next time your gut tells you ‘no you can’t’, let your head be louder and win and say ‘yes I can’.

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